Why Pet Butler Dayton?

Clean yard (poop free) = happy and safe family.  Pet Butler Dayton can help keep you family happy and safe.

Clean yard = happy and safe family

Pet Butler Dayton is much more than a professional pooper-scooper! We approach each client with care, dedication, and your best interest in mind. We will meticulously scoop and remove the waste from your yard, but that is far from all we will do for you.

We want to share a few ideas on why you should use Pet Butler Dayton and what value we will bring you.

  • You are not simply a name or number. Pet Butler Dayton treats pets and their people with dignity and value because we are pet lovers! We just happen to be professional pooper-scoopers too!
  • Pet Butler Dayton is a convenient and financially manageable service. Given our highly efficient franchise system, you will clearly be able to experience this sensible convenience.
  • Pet Butler Dayton will care for your pet like no other service professional would. To be frank, stool is a very helpful indicator of the health of your pet. If anything seems abnormal or curious, we will let you know.
  • Pet Butler Dayton has flexible terms and service. We offer a whole range of services. Depending on the area you live in, our service can be called on for a one-time clean up to 2 times a week!
  • Pet Butler Dayton offers service for both residential and commercial properties. There is not a job too small or large.

You know why, you can choose Pet Butler Dayton. But let us share with you Why people in the Dayton, Ohio area choose Pet Butler Dayton.

  • One obvious reason, but not the most popular reason: it is a disgusting job and our members do not want to pick up the pet waste in their yard.
  • A reason we hear frequently: we are too busy to pick up after their pets.  In this day and age, everything happens at once (at least it seems like it).  There is work, the kids, the kids activities, the pets, the chores, and the list goes on.  We are hired to reduce the chore list.  Remember less mess, less stress!
  • Some of our members are elderly and they just don’t get around like they use to, for example, they are not as mobile as they use to be, they cannot tolerate the heat or the cold.  This is where we can help keep the yard clean and free of small debris and pet waste.  Our rates are reasonable and we offer a senior citizen discount.
  • Other members sign up temporarily for various reasons.  A few reasons include they are selling their house and need a clean, presentable yard.  They may have recently had surgery and cannot pooper scoop the yard for a few weeks/months.  They had a family member have surgery and they do not have time to keep the yard free of pet waste.  Sometimes when there is a pregnancy in the household, the scooping gets neglected.

As you can see there are a variety of reasons why someone uses Pet Butler Dayton, Ohio for their pet waste removal needs.